Midtown East

Midtown East will is a Class A office building under construction at the east edge of the Midtown Tampa Development. Conceived with talent at the center of every design decision, the 18-story Midtown East will offer a flexible environment to allow collaboration and creativity to thrive. With a focus on elevating the customer experience, this building will be constructed with our customers’ changing needs in mind. Midtown East will offer commanding views into the Tampa Bay area, while functioning as the area’s workforce epicenter. Every detail of the building is designed with people in mind.

This multi-customer development will encompass approximately 430,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space. Midtown East will feature a distinctive entrance, high speed destination elevators, and adaptable floor plans. Paired with free and easy parking, this elegant and energizing building will offer the best proximity to upscale, modern housing, retail and restaurants anywhere in Tampa.